Organizers are expecting a large crowd for the upcoming Scooba Reunion.
Organizers are expecting a large crowd for the upcoming Scooba Reunion.
By Steve Swogetinsky

Kemper Messenger

With more than 1,000 people expected this Saturday for the Scooba Reunion, Mayor Craig Nave said the last couple of weeks have been pretty busy.

“We have been cleaning up, doing touch up work around the campgrounds,” Nave said. “I was on the committee before becoming mayor. After being appointed mayor, I have extra duties.”

According to its history, the Scooba Reunion is an event that evolved from the Lockett family reunion which was held in East St. Louis back the 1960s. The Lockett family had Kemper County ties and over the years, others with similar origins would join in. In just a few years, what had been Lockett Reunion became more like a Scooba reunion. It was decided while the reunion was being held in Chicago in 1971 to rename it the Scooba Family Reunion.

Over the years, the Scooba Reunion has been held in cities around the nation. They have held it in New York and in Los Angeles, Cleveland, Ohio, Chicago and East St. Louis. It has been held in Jackson and in Scooba several times.

And this weekend, it comes home to Kemper County.

Nave said a lot of preparations had to be made in advance for the event. It’s most likely going to be hot and there has to be plenty of waters and facilities for the people.

Vendors will be there, selling barbecue, frying fish and making icys. There will be security and emergency workers will be on standby in case someone needs medical attention.

“I am expecting people from all over the United States,” Nave said. “Third generation family members who have never been to Scooba will be coming in to see where their grandparents or other relatives got their start. They are returning to their roots.”

The festivities will start Friday with a band, Luv Under Cover, coming from Meridian. A deejay will be playing songs throughout the day Saturday. Then that night, another band, Geno and the Blues Boys, will be playing. It will wrap up Sunday with a church service.

“We have been making booklets and t-shirts,” Nave said. “We are looking forward to the big weekend.”