We’re recommending Democrat Ryan Brown for Public Service Commissioner because we don’t believe anyone on the Jackson City Council should be regulating anything.

The Central District leans heavily Democrat so there’s a good chance a Democrat will be elected to the slot already held by a Democrat.

The issue is which Democrat. Ryan Brown is a Democrat, and he’s more qualified than any of the others.

Brown’s primary opponent is a Jackson city councilman, and we can all agree that’s the last person who needs to have any say over regulating electricity and gas in the state of Mississippi.

Jackson is collapsing from failed Democrat leadership over the last decades. Brown’s opponent has done nothing even to begin to pull the city of Jackson out of the rubble. Let’s not let that kind of Democrat get his hands on state utility regulation.

Brown knows the ins and outs of the office and already has a good working relationship with the utilities.

Vote Ryan Brown Democrat nominee for Public Service Commissioner on Aug. 6.