By Austin Bishop

Kemper County Messenger

A Kemper County resident came before the Board of Supervisors on Monday asking that the unnamed road he lives on in District 2 be added to the county road inventory and eventually be given a name.

Oscar Holiday said there were three homes located on the half-mile dirt road located off Firetower Road and another would be added soon.

"I would like to go through the process to see what we have to do to get it on the map," said District 2 Supervisor Johnny Whitsett. "It's an actual road. It's not a driveway."

A road cannot be improved or maintained by the county if it is not on the official road inventory.

Board attorney Bo Bailey said that by statute there was a process to get the road on the official map. He produced a petition that needed to be signed by the people who lived on the road, then brought back to the board of supervisors. Bailey pointed out that Holliday could also seek the signatures of other county residents who did not live on the road, but that that having it on the road inventory would be to the county's benefit.

The board would then assign two supervisors to go and look at the road to determine if it should be added. If the board then voted to move forward, there would have to be a public hearing where those for and against the addition of the road could speak. The board would then make its decision.