By Steve Swogetinsky

Kemper Messenger

Kemper County was not hit as hard by the violent storm system that caused so much damage in other Central Mississippi counties on April 18.

But there was a EF-0 tornado that struck DeKalb. Its maximum winds was 85 miles an hour according to the National Weather Service. Its path length was 3.33 miles and its maximum width was 300 yards. No one was hurt. The tornado was on the ground for six minutes.

 The tornado touched down west of Highway 39 along Craig Road where it peeled back the aluminum roofing along the southward facing side of a one-story home. It blew the roofing several yards into an open field.

Thereafter, the tornado tracked north to Jackson Stevens Road where it broke large softwood tree limbs and uprooted multiple trees.  It continued its northward track to Old Jackson Road where several small softwood limbs were broken before it lifted just north of Old Jackson Road.

The storm front brought 44 tournaments to Central Mississippi.