By Mike Robertson

Kemper County Messenger

According to Emergency Management Director Ben Dudley, residents who live within the recognized fire rating districts in Kemper County should soon begin to see a reduction in their homeowner’s insurance premiums, and may have already begun to see those reductions.

The Board of Supervisors worked to create the legally-defined districts in late fall of 2017, and they have been in effect since around the first of the year.

This action has resulted in a fire rating of at least 9 in every district, with two districts at 8 and one at 7. The lower the rating, the better. Premium decreases could amount to 10% or possibly more in some cases.

The districts and their current ratings are as follows:

—  DeKalb, 7;

— Scooba, 8;

— Preston/Mt. Salem, 8;

— Damascus, 9;

— Greater DeKalb, 9;

— Kemper Springs, 9;

— Mt. Nebo/New Hope, 9;

— Porterville, 9;

— Spring Hill, 9;

— 3 Mile Corner, 9.

In other news, Dudley conducted a meeting of the Local Emergency Planning Committee to discuss preliminary plans for a full-scale disaster exercise which will probably be conducted in the late-summer or fall. Discussions and further planning will continue at the next meeting in May.