From special reports

Steven Jamal-Warrick Jackson is continuing a military legacy spanning over five decades of military service.

His great grandfather, Jessie served in the Korean War while his grandfather, retired USAF Chief Master Sergeant Jerome Jackson served overseas during Operation Desert Shield/Storm. His aunt, Brandi Jackson, a former USAF Staff Sergeant served overseas during Operation Enduring Freedom. His father, Steven D. served in numerous overseas deployments in support of the Global War on Terrorism abroad.

Steven also has a great aunt, Bettie Townsend who is the U.S. Navy, two great uncles, retired U.S. Army veteran James Jackson, who served in Germany and Jessie Jackson served in U.S. Marines during the Vietnam Era.

Steven is a 2013 graduate of Kemper County High School. He served as a team leader at the rank of sergeant with Bravo Company of the 1-155th Combined Arms Battalion out of Poplarville.

During his 13-month deployment, Steven’s team was the first of the 155th to operate in Syria, Iraq and finally Kuwait in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. Other subordinate units re-deployed to the United States as of late February.

SGT Jackson returned home to Mississippi at Thompson Field Jackson on March 26. This return comes just two days shy of his grandfather, Jerome’s arrival from overseas on March 28, 1991 nearly 28 years ago.

Steven is the son of Steven D. and Christina S. Jackson of DeKalb, MS. He has a daughter, Khloe Blair Jackson, a sister, Mercedez Jackson and one niece, Taiga Jackson.

Jackson will return to his civilian occupation as a Resource Protection Specialist at Key Field Air Guard Base after 30 days of leave.