By Mike Robertson

Kemper County Messenger  

During the July meeting of the Town of Scooba Board of Aldermen, the members discussed the fact that the town has been paying at least a portion of premiums on supplemental insurance policies from AFLAC and Colonial Life in situations where the town shouldn’t be paying.

These premiums are supposed to be deducted from an employee’s pay, with the town contributing nothing, according to the board. At the time of the meeting, it was not certain how long this had been taking place, how much the town had paid out, or for which employees.

Alderman Chris Collins stated that this money would have to be paid back by the employees, while Alderman Kenneth Sparks suggested that the town begin collecting the full amount of the premiums, and give the Town Clerk an opportunity to investigate the matter to see who owes money to the town and how much.

The Board also discussed overtime pay for employees, with Mayor Marion Smoot stating that, according to law, any time over 40 hours per week is considered overtime, and must be paid at a rate of time-and-a-half. Police officers can work 43.5 hours per week before overtime must be paid.

In other action, the Board;

* Voted 5-0 to accept a bid for repairs to the fire department from John Branning in the amount of $2.1K.

* Voted 5-0 to update bank account signatures and online access.

* Voted 4-1 to accept a walking trail grant. Alderman Chris Collins voted against the measure.

*  Voted 4-1 for permission to employ Engineering Plus to start on the walking trail. Collins voted against the measure.