By Steve Swogetinsky

Kemper Messenger

Representatives of the Kemper County school district asked supervisors if they would consider a land swap so the district could build a new school.

This matter was discussed during Monday’s regular meeting of the Kemper County supervisors. The school district is interested in land east of DeKalb known as Kemper Crossing. Supervisors have been developing the area for possible industrial expansion.

Nothing was decided and it was agreed that they would continue discussions on the matter.

The Kemper County Court House will be closed this Friday instead of April 29 for Confederate Memorial Day. This was done because April 29 will be the first day of a Circuit Court term.

 In other matters, supervisors voted to:

- Approve the claims docket and the pay roll;

- Approve a 16th section land lease agreement;

- Approve a resolution authorizing the execution of a contract with Weyerhaeuser, the acceptance of deeds and authorization to issue a deed to the Kemper County Landfill, LLC;

- Approve a resolution authorizing the transfer of a school building known as the Little Rock Community Center property back to the Kemper County school board to be used for industrial and economic development, as a community center, and a voter precinct;
- Approve a Quitclaim deed, conveying any and all interest that the board may have in the Little Rock Community Center property;
- Approve a proclamation declaring that April is Fair Housing Month;

- Approve the renewal of the Waste Tire Hauler Certificate which is set to expire June 30;

- Approve repair work for the Kemper County Court House;

- Approve an order to support Kids First Day on July 27;

- Approve an order for a budget amendment. Supervisors moved $96,035 from the miscellaneous budget line to the road equipment above $5,000 line for the purchase of a dump truck;

- Approve an order allowing supervisors Johnny Whitsett and Pat Granger for travel to the Coast April 25 to meet with Gil Patterson about the gas line;

- Approve an order allowing Sherline Watkins to attend the 96th annual convention of MS Chancery Clerks in Biloxi on May 28-31; and,

- Approve for Ashley Woods to be bonded and to receive a cash drawer and password so she can assist in collecting garbage payments when needed.

Supervisors were introduced to Dale Burham, the new COO at Emilia; and to Fred Hutchinson of RTech Health Solutions.