From school reports

West Kemper County Elementary School was recently awarded a STEM grant from the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE).

Students at West Kemper Elementary School will now be able to explore the core fundamentals of science, technology, engineering and mathematics through different properties of mechanical systems and materials.

Carol Newton, principal of West Kemper Elementary and her staff, applied for and received a $30,000 STEM grant from the MDE. In addition, the school was awarded an additional $10,000 matching grant from Acellus Education System to purchase robotic pods in support of the school’s natural science projects. WKE’s goal is to provide a transformative learning experience for K-6th grade students.

“Grants like this are important to have in our school to expose children to the world in front of them, which is technology,” said Newton. “It is best to pave the way for where they are headed early so students can be more comfortable with technology later in life.”

West Kemper Elementary STEM will join nearly a dozen Mississippi school districts who have received grants to enhance or establish programs in science, technology, engineering and math in Kindergarten through 8th grade.

“We are excited and grateful for the assistance from Acellus to help us obtain resources to advance this type of learning,” said Newton.  “Our students will benefit greatly from this opportunity and we hope to expand upon our program in the future.”